#001- Gaz Lyden- Scuba Diving, Crossfit & Living Abroad

After a stint of 9-months on the paradise setting of Koh Tao, I got talking to Course Director and owner of Koh Tao CrossFit. He epitomised everything that I’m trying to do with Treasure Talks, giving people an insight into ways for self-development in different areas.

He highlights many of the following, that I believe to be at the core of TreasureTalks.Net:

  • Remaining open minded to opportunities
  • Ways in which you can work abroad/Do what you love
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self-development via education and information
  • Fitness
  • Routine & Goal Setting

About Gaz

Gaz Lyden is a PADI Course Director.

Gaz Lyden is a PADI Course Director. Primarily teaching soon-to-be Dive Instructors. In addition to being a diving course director, he also runs a CrossFit gym in Koh Tao.

After planning a short travel trip in Australia, he speaks about how his time abroad soon extended to over 15-years.

  • Course Director at Master Divers in Koh Tao
  • Owner, Coach & Programmer for Koh Tao CrossFit
Gaz completing his CrossFit Level 2.


  • Gaz went from not enjoying his Open Water Course to being a Course Director
  • How to Travel Abroad
  • Becoming a Scuba Diver
  • Journey as a PADI Course Director
  • Different Dive Jobs both in UK and Thailand
A famous quote that we discussed. Quote by Isaac Asimov


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Education Chart for Diving- PADI

In the podcast we briefly alluded to Ido Portal– The Movement Coach. He can be seen doing his animal movements and playful techniques below.

Other Useful links

Online Education Resources

Throughout the episode we continuously discuss ways in which you can educate yourself. Gaz also reveals some of his development tactics and how he gained education online.

Skill Share

A great way to improve skills without the need to go into university or sit in a class, is to use the Internet. Websites such as Udemy and Skill Share offer a multitude of skills. Find out more about Skillshare and what types of course you can do including: becoming a graphic designer, improving productivity, Learning writing skills, building a blog and much more.

Podcast Show Notes

Approximate time stamps.

0- 1.15 min- Introduction

1:20min- 1:40- Who is Gaz Lyden?

2:00min- 3:59 How Gaz first started his travel/working abroad journey

4:00min-6:20 – Gaz’s First Diving Experience & Problems He Had As a Beginner

6:30-8:35- Becoming a Good Teacher, Dealing with Panic Divers, Panic is your brain telling you, you don’t have the skills…

8:36-12:00-  Education Chart for Diving, DSD’s (Discover Dive), Open Water Diver Course, Dive Master, Dive Instructor, Course Director….

12:30-14:00- Teachers Can Learn– Improving Coaching for Diving & More- Ido Portal, Techniques, CrossFit

16:00- 22:00- Transformation from Fork Lift Driver- Need for a change, Coventry to Koh Tao.

22:50-25:00- Technology and Travelling, Budget Airlines, Booking, Contrast in Times

26:00-29:00   Choosing Your Path- How Did you Become a CrossFit (CF) Gym Owner? What is CrossFit?

29:00-32:30- Opening Koh Tao Crossfit – PT Certificate, CF Level 1

32:40-  35:00- Drawing Comparisons– Fork Lift, Course Director & CF Coach, “It shouldn’t be modular, it should be a part of a more holistic view.”

35:00- 38:00- Getting a free Education– Finding your niche, using experiences, identifying your skills

39:00- 41:30-  Crossfit– Methodology, Sport, Scores, Dave Castro, How it Began

44:00- 51:45- Education over Competition- GSP, Firas Zahabi Criticism, How to Start Exercise, Getting CF Level 1 to Travel.

52:00- 54:05- Five Year Plan- Where will you be?

54:08- Finish- Routine- How to fit everything in, writing down goals, Early Morning Walk.


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