#002- Chris Facey- Travelling the World

I managed to sit down with a close friend of mine, Chris Facey. He’s a PADI qualified SCUBA diving instructor who’s travelled the world chasing his passion. He talks to us about his time in the Seychelles, Malaysia, Thailand and Tobago. He also looks forward upcoming exciting ventures in Fiji.

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We discuss a number of topics:

  • Taking calculated risks before committing to travel
  • Getting into SCUBA diving
  • Different cultures
  • Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Tobago, Fiji and Seychelles
  • Hooker Diving
  • Dramatic changes, from a supermarket job to working abroad

About Chris/Makka

Chris Facey is from Birmingham in the UK. He pursued a career in diving six years ago and since then he’s made the world his office- travelling to Malaysia, Australia and even Tobago. As an experienced instructor, he talks about his time diving abroad as well as in England.

His transition from working in a supermarket is particularly interesting, as he has a different take to many.


Chris on his most recent expedition, trialling Tobago’s food.

Approximate time stamps.

2:00- 3:10 min- How Do I Know Mak/Chris, Fouling Football ⚽️

3:15- 1:40- From Supermarket to SCUBA

3:44- 4:50 – Easing into Travelling First

4:50- 5:30- Chris’ Plan A

6:00- 7:30 “Find Something You Love”, Channel your energy into a passion, because you always end up caring about your work one way or another.

7:30- 10:00- Working in Seychelles, GVI Internship, the island itself and selling islands for millions..

11:00- 12:00- Committing to Diving, Booking, both feet first and knowing that it’s for you.

12:00-13:00 The Land of Smiles, why it is the best he’s been to

13:00 – 17:00- Travelling the World, pearl diving, leaving Australia, Hooker diving, Tobago and future plans

17:10- 22:00- Being back in England, Reflecting on Tobago’s dive job, seeing turtle nesting sites, diving pelicans and more..

22:30-27:45- Problem with Taking a Dive Job Abroad, how to take the leap and commit to a job abroad

28:50-34:00 Adapting back to England, working for Bear Grylls Adventure Park, Learning Skills

34:05- End- Treasure Island in Fiji, Looking to the future, Advice for people looking to break out of a job and more tips


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