#003- Ant Rogan- From Prison to Promise

Ant and I have been best mates since we were 8-years old. His life’s been interesting to say the least, in this episode we discuss health and fitness, his time in prison, being told he’d be paralysed and running 50-mile events…

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We discuss a number of topics:

  • Effects of Social Media: Pros & Cons
  • Inspiring Family
  • Health & Fitness
  • Ultra Marathons: Running 50 miles, Midnight Races..
  • Instagram, Gaining 25k Followers
  • Going to Prison
  • Nerves and Excitement in a boxing career
  • Crossfit and Fitness Tournaments

About Ant

Ant Rogan on the left after a third place finish in the SuperHuman Games

Anthony Rogan is an inspirational Personal Trainer from Birmingham who participates in a number of sports including CrossFit and Ultra Marathons. He was part of Vegan Athletes on Instagram, documenting his journey whilst also offering training and dietary plans online for those looking for plant based optimisation.

Ant talks to me about his time in prison and how he got his life back on track, he discusses what motivates him to run through the pain in 50-mile runs and why he is deciding to compete in the desert of Africa this year.

A news story from our Vegan Athletes Project on Instagram


Approximate time stamps.

0:00- 3.00 min- Best Friends since 8-years old, About Ant and why I think he’s an inspiration to friends and family..

3:00- 6:50- Social Media: Pros & Cons, growing an Instagram account to 25k, Quitting social media. the sub conscious

7:00- 11:00 – The PT Industry

12:00- 15:00- A Sporting Background- Ice Hockey into Boxing

15:00- 17:30 Falling into the Perfect Career, the ripple effect, coincidences and finding a career in the fitness industry and promising boxing hopes

18:00- 30:00- Taking Up Boxing, KO’s, wins, loses, promising ability and the difference between white collar and amateur levels

31:30- 40:00 – Back Pain, Prison and Potential Paralysis, After a back injury finished Ant’s boxing hopes, he was sent to prison soon after and then found himself being told that he could be “paralysed” by a doctor.

41:20-46:00 Life After Prison- Getting a job, learning lessons and finding professional help.

48:00 – 55:00- People are Weak Today, Ant doesn’t want to get comfortable, he has runs and cycling to do across Namibia, CrossFit tournaments and more…

55:00- End Future Goals & Routine, Part of Ant’s daily routine, future goals and plans of a second podcast.


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