#007- Katy Jane- A Passion for Wildlife

It’s only right that the first female on Treasure Talks, should be my girlfriend Katy. She’s worked in environmental education,  wildlife conservation and scuba diving. Her adventure started in Costa Rica and since then she’s done various jobs in Thailand. We discuss some of the projects she’s passionate about, her thoughts on keeping animals in captivity and how important nature is for kids.

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We discuss the following:

  • Contrast between living in England & Thailand
  • Projects on Jaguars in Costa Rica
  • Are Zoos a good or bad thing?
  • Working with GVI
  • Camera Trapping
  • Conservation in Thailand
  • Winning a dream competition worth £12k

About Katy Woodroffe

Katy enjoying the view in Krabi, Thailand.

Katy Jane is an Environmental Educator and Scuba Diving Instructor. She’s worked in both Thailand and Costa Rica, on projects that involved Jaguars and various endangered species.

Episode Links

Walking through Koh Rah’s forest with Snake Fruit.

Approximate Time Stamps

0:00- 1:00 min- Intro, What we’ll be talking about…

1:00- 4:00- Contrast between England and Thailand Living– Stress free, city centre living, sea view…

5:00- 13:00 – Journey into Wildlife Conservation- Zoology degree and becoming the school ‘animal lady’… How can parents get their children into wildlife and nature? Education is key..

13:00- 14:30- The Turning Point- Leaving home, Synchronisation, Going to Costa Rica

15:00- 37:30 Costa Rica Conservation-  They excel in some areas, not so much in others.. Katy’s role and about the Jaguar project

22:30- 25:30- Are zoos morally right? Her opinion on the subject and how they work alongside conservation.

26:00- 35:00- Earth Day- Collecting 984 Kilograms/ 2169lbs of Trash, Katy was lead co-ordinator for Koh Tao’s Earth Day

35:00- 39:00- Getting a Job in Wildlife Conservation Abroad– Getting a paid role, managing volunteers, living in Thailand ( a small island, not a tourist town)

39:00-51:00- Working with the Locals-  Teaming up with locals in Thailand, running projects and life in Ban Nam Khem

52:00-till end- Manifesting our Goals Together- Winning a life changing competition, working hard to live abroad, synchronisation.


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