Learning to Breathe with Brian Morrison- The Breathing Project

Brian Morrison is a Wim-Hof trained breathing practitioner that has recently helped me change my outlook on the mind and body. I thought it’d be a great idea to get to know more about Brian’s story and what led him down this path.

Brian runs workshops that introduce us to a side of ourselves we may have otherwise not discovered. He offers education on cold exposure and Wim Hof’s breathing techniques.

Listen to the full podcast – this was a real mind-opener

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Brian displaying his powerful mindset and breathing in the cold..

We discuss the following:

  • My experience with these Wim Hof breathing techniques
  • What led Brian to them and his transformation to a healthy lifestyle
  • The science behind these techniques
  • Who is Wim Hof?
  • Wim Hof’s world record
  • Brian recalls meeting Wim
  • Why it’s important to take control of your immune system
  • Why shallow breathing’s a problem
Me speaking to Brian during the Podcast – we currently have audio – click the link at top of page

Episode Links

Brian’s Instagram

Breathing Project website – Book your free class with code FIRSTFREE

Wim Hof – Quick Watch Documentary

Wim Hof Ted Talk

Wim Hof World Record

This was Brian’s online class that we talked about..

Approximate Time Stamps & Notes

0:00- 5:00 min- Intro- Introduction to Brian and his Breathing Project, how I began his classes. How he’s coping in Lockdown..

5:00- 7:00- Online Breathing Classes– What his classes are about? What is deep conscious breathing?

7:00- 9:00 – My Experience with these Breathing Techniques- The synchronicity, explaining to people even though it’s ‘just breathing’?

9:00- 13:50- Most body functions are autonomous?- But we can choose to slow our breathing, stop breathing etc.. Some of the effects.

13:50- 24:30- Society of Chest breathers – Problems with shallow breathing and how the body reacts in fight and flight situations..

25:00- 31:00- Fight & Flight or Rest & Digest- What state is the body in? How these breathing techniques work and offer long-term benefits for the body.

31:10-40:00- Brian’s Journey-  How he began using these techniques, how how his other profession led him here.. Breaking out our comfort zone.

40:00- 45:00- Brain combated his own anxiety- From boxing and exercise to breathing.

45:00- 57:00- Meeting Wim Hof and his achievements- Who is Wim Hof and why has he had such a great impact on Brian and many more? We talk about his world records, his presence and how Brian met him.

57:00- 60:00- Thanking Brian for what he’s done for me so far- How you can join. Also Brian’s advice for those that are interested.


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