Steed Woodall Signs with Frank Warren & Talks Future

British boxer Steed Woodall returns to UK and signs with huge promotion.

He began his career in the States at the tender age of 19.

 After accumulating a wealth of experience, KOs and wins, he’s ready for the best in Britain.

Listen to the full podcast – Steed opens up about his time in the US and his hopes for the future.

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Steed has signed with Frank Warren, prepare for some exciting fights!

Division: Super Middleweight

Height: 5′ 11″   /   180cm

Club: Eastside Boxing Gym

Record: 15-1-1 (11 KOs)

5th Ranked in the World (Amateurs)

Fought all pro fights in the US

Sparred Charlo, DeGale & Saunders

Recently Signed by Frank Warren

We discuss the following:  

  • How his boxing journey began as a kid
  • Achieving the world ranks in the
    amateurs from a young age
  • Moving to the States at 19 years old
  • Experiences in America
  • Sparring DeGale, Charlo, Billy Joe
    Saunders and many more
  • Signing with Frank Warren
  • Hopes for the future
  • MMA and Steed’s thoughts on mixed
    martial arts

Episode Links

Steed’s Instagram

Signing with Frank Warren

Steed Woodall’s Boxing Highlights

Steed with his brother after another win

Approximate Time Stamps & Notes

0:00- 5:00 min- Intro- I introduce Steed and we talk about signing with Frank Warren’s huge promotion

5:00- 7:00- First Amateur Fight– How he began his boxing journey, nerves of a first amateur fight and finding that natural ability

7:00- 8:00 – How he achieved world level- Becoming number 5 ranked in the amateurs

8:00- 17:00- Moving across the pond at 19- Fighting in front of no one, experience against tough fighters abroad and why he moved from the UK.

22:00- 25:30- Reflecting on his only loss – Lessons learned and some exclusive knowledge on what actually happened in a fight he was dominating for the mostpart…

25:00- 29:00- Moving forward and continuing the Knockouts- Since then, he has knocked four opponents.

29:10-31:00- Ready to take on British Level Opposition-  Plans for the near future

32:10-33:00- Would MMA Interest Steed?-  Been training on kicks and whether or not trash talking is for him

35:10-38:00- Talking about Boxing inspirations and Prospects-  Eastside prospects and friends.

40:00- 42:00- Fighting in front of no one- Getting comfortable fighting anywhere, in front of anybody

42:00- 44:00- “Being the hardest worker in the room”- Different types of training from calisthenics, mindset and being the hardest worker in the room. “When you go to the well, make sure it’s not dry”

44:30- 46:00- How has Covid and Lockdown affected him- We sum things up and briefly discuss how he’s been coping with lockdown


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