Real Health Coach Turns Down £1m & Talks Nutrition

Dean Howell is a vegan athlete that used his experience and passion to fuel his business ventures.

Ex professional footballer has spent decades studying nutrition. He was once singled out for his decision to go plantbased. Now, the athlete runs a plantbased protein and wholefood company.

I sat down to speak to him about his passions, why he delved into nutrition and how he was offered big money for what was once a company based in a friend’s garage.

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We discuss the following:  

  • His days of being a pro footballer
  • Reaction to going vegan
  • How heartbreak in the family led him to nutrition
  • Studying nutrition
  • Important lifestyle factors
  • How his business began
  • Success of Rawsport & Rev Foods
  • Turning down £1m
  • Thoughts on masks and lockdown
  • How to take the power into your own hands

Dean has been plantbased for over 15 years and is still thriving

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  • Dean’s Instagram – @RealHealthCoach
  • Rawsport Instagram – @Rawsportofficial
  • Revolution Foods Instagram – @Revfoods Rawsport
  • Rawsport Website –


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