Jobs You Can Do Anywhere in the World

If you are tired of punching the clock from 9 till 5, then you may be interested in opportunities to work from anywhere in the world.

There are more jobs than ever that are no longer reliant on a location or a strict work schedule- you could work for yourself and travel the world, or simply work from the comfort of your home. Something that you should know though, is that there are skills you’ll need before executing what may feel like a distant-dream.

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Find some of the most common jobs available to do from a remote location:

  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Journalism
  • Graphic Designing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Virtually Assisting
  • Translating
  • SEO
  • Coaching
  • Influencing
jobs you can do anywhere in the world

Above you’ll find just a percentage of the roles that can be enjoyed from the beach, your home or a busy city centre office, you can pick the place you’d like to work from, and enjoy the freedom as you wish.

In this article, we provide more detail on some of the main jobs known for being remote subsequently helping you plan your next steps on attaining a dream job of yours.

Become a Writer

There are various job roles that come under the guise of writing, the most popular being blogging. It’s something anybody can do, in any niche, without experience and there are no qualifications required. If you decided to freelance and build-up your body-of-work then you may wish to do all of the following writing jobs.


As previously mentioned, this is one of the easiest forms of writing and it can be either done for other blogs or you could simply make your own. There are no rules for your own blog, it can be about any subject you like and you aren’t required to have previous experience.

As well as building your own, you may work for other blogs, if you’re a writer then reaching out to companies and running their blog could be a good tactic. It is now becoming a must for businesses to create relatable and informational blogs for their audience.

Working for other sites will provide you with an income whilst your own blog will obviously not- or will it? If you manage to attract traffic to your domain then you’ll be able to cash-in via affiliate marketing. We talk more about affiliate marketing further into this article.


What used to be one of the most desirable jobs in the writing industry is now something a little easier to attain, thanks to the inundated news sources online. They may not be well paid in this day and age, but if you find a good story that you can share with a media company, then you could receive cash for it.


Writing jobs that do not come under the above two descriptions can be labelled as copywriting. Anything in-between is usually offloaded as copywriting, it is a broad role that could mean a number of things.

Copywriting can provide a good salary, you can be paid anywhere from £8 to £100 an hour. This type of writing can be persuasive content, that involves conducting work that will convert readers into customers, it could be writing regular product descriptions or you could be creating general content for websites.

You may not even specialise in one particular facet, and prefer to use your writing skills to occupy all of the previous.

How to Become a Graphic Designer

There’s a huge pool of graphic designers, all with different backgrounds and qualifications, some self-taught and others with university-level education.

If you are new to graphic design then there are a number of sites you can gain help such as Udemy and Skill Share.

Those schooled in graphic design will be well versed with creating logos, banners, social media graphics and more. Often companies’ count on a skilful creative to help with their “brandability”, with many social outlets these days, it is even more integral as there’s constant content being shared.

You can use websites such as Fiverr and Upwork to offer your service to potential clients.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a great way for a number of social media hits, “Insta famous” bloggers and others to make a residual income. You can become an affiliate to a number of companies and what’s perfect about this, is that you can try to pick specific companies that your audience will be interested in.

What is affiliate marketing?

From Visually.

How does affiliate marketing work? You attract your audience, recommend companies and services that could be beneficial to them, your audience click a link or using a discount code of yours, you’ll get a percentage of the sale.

Usually affiliate marketing collects the cookies of a website to track customers that have came as a result of your marketing.

It is a win situation all-round, you only recommend good, useful brands, the company enjoy increased sales and you will get your percentage.

Affiliate marketing can be used by social media accounts, a blog, website, podcasts and many other platforms.

Influencing & Coaching

The forever-growing world of social media is now becoming an occupation for many, it bewilders some of us, who still aren’t sure how these big accounts make their money.

The already mentioned affiliate marketing is a big way for influencers to make their cash, by simply directing their audience to a brand, they cash-in. If you have a huge reach and have over 50k followers then you may get paid by brands to post their products.

Coaching is another way to utilise your social influence- you can use your expertise. This includes life coaching, health-coaching or business-coaching.

If you are a personal trainer or dietician then you can gain an audience online and offer diet plans and training plans from anywhere in the world, you can offer an entire online course through e-mail or other websites.

If your expertise are in other fields, such as improving someone’s whole lifestyle, mentally and physically, then there are enough communication platforms to make this work online. You can also offer business coaching- other companies will be using you to help them convert their views into sales and helping them create their model.


This is something that everybody relies on, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Most online businesses rely on their Google ranking in order to pull in good web traffic. If you are proficient in this industry then you can easily take on clients and help them climb the ladder, it’s also a great skillset to use in order to profit for yourself or your own company.

In-fact SEO can be used to help your blog rank on Google and ultimately make money from affiliate marketing. By now, you are probably noticing how intertwined all of these various roles are, and how imperative each one is for online businesses.


Another broad description, but in this case- we are referring to Facebook adverts and other ways to attract consumers. Those businesses that do not rely on the SEO, will most likely be the percentage that manage to enjoy customers from social media.

There are now experts that know how to scale adverts, ensure Facebook Ad split testing and can place your product in front of the right person, who’s in the right location and is in the final process of their purchase decision.

Work From Home Jobs

Jobs you can do from anywhere in the world are ones that can be enjoyed from a remote location, that is something that is becoming more accessible in this day and age.

All of the jobs above are inter-connected, that is because successful online businesses need all of the featured skills in this article. A company needs content, logos, a social presence, website traffic, photos and more- meaning that essentially these jobs and trades will continue to be in high-demand. This is a simple article to reveal just how much opportunity is out there and how capable you are at getting hold of a job you can do from home, or anywhere in the world for that matter.


Thank you for reading. I really appreciate your support. Use the below for more articles of mine or scroll up and read the sidebar for the "About Me".

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