3 Home Workouts Anybody Can Do in 10 Minutes

Get a ‘sweat on’ from home and finish exercising within 10 minutes, with these easy-to-follow workouts. There are many misconceptions about fitness.

I’ll go ahead and list two:

  • That you need a gym to get fit
  • You need to be in there for 2-hours everyday

That’s nonsense!

No doubt, you have used the “cop-out” that you don’t have time to exercise.

I have news for you, you’re all out of excuses. You can get a workout done in 10-minutes and I’ll show you how.

Here you’ll find some nice and easy ways to enjoy fitness from your home without the cost of a membership or the need to designate hours of your time.

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#1 Do Pull Ups from Home

Yes, you may not be able to do pull-ups!

But they’re a key exercise, more useful than running for hours on a treadmill.

You should be able to hold your bodyweight, if you can’t then don’t worry, I am going to talk you through what you can do!

You will need a pull-up bar at home, we’ve found this one that costs less than a gym membership.

I have used this for years, it doesn’t need any handy work, you simply place it in the doorway.

The following list includes Amazon products, I receive a small commission if you decide to purchase from these links, at no extra cost to yourself. I genuinely recommend items I believe in, all support is greatly appreciated.

I can’t lie, the first time I did hang from the bar, I was worried it would end badly. I’m still alive and I can actually do a pull-up or two, thanks to this robust bar (thankfully)!

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If You Can’t Do Pull Ups
For those unable to pull themselves up, use these protocols.

  1. Place a box or something you can step on. Get yourself to the top of the bar. Put yourself into the pull-up position, with your chin above the bar.
  2. Lower yourself down to the bottom part of the movement, as slow as possible.

It is that simple, repeat until you have done it six times, then rest. Do three sets of this (meaning you would have done 18 reps by the end).

By doing this you will build up your strength to do a full pull up without the need of a box. The above is doing the opposite to the movement, lowering yourself and slowing down the ‘negative’ aspect of the exercise.

If You Can Do Pull Ups

If you can do pull ups try one of my favourite exercise regiments. The pyramid set.

This is how it works- you will ascend through the numbers and have ten seconds break in-between. For instance, you will do 1 rep, have ten seconds break, 2 reps, 10 seconds break, 3 reps, and so on..

You see how far up the numbers you can go!

It’s a great way to progress! Comment and let us know how you get on! Don’t cheat the rest time in-between, time it with the stopwatch.

#2 Tabata Circuits

Gym goers often make the mistake of spending hours on cardio.

But you don’t actually need to waste all that time, going through the motions. Don’t boast about doing your hour on the treadmill, swap it for real work!

Think of it this way, do you want the body of a marathon runner? Unless you want to specialise in running, the answer is most likely no. What about that of a sprinter?

That’s right. Lets look towards high intensity workouts. One of my favourites is tabata, something that’s now becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

Anybody can do it and you can do it at your own level. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced participant. Familiarise yourself with the concept below.

The tabata concept is 

to pick two exercises 


alternate between them. 

Exercise for 20 seconds, 

rest for 10 seconds 

then exercise for 20 seconds.

 Continue these cycles 

until you reach 4-minutes.

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Follow this circuit.

Tabata Circuit Workout 1

Exercises: Burpees & Jumping Lunges

Alternate between those two exercises and follow the tabata concept. For example, 20 seconds doing burpees, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds doing jumping lunges. Until you reach four minutes on the stop-watch.

Use the video below for exercise demonstrations.

Courtesy of BowFlex
Courtesy of HowCast

That is how tabatas work, but we like to throw more than one together. Set yourself a 2-minute rest, just one minute if you’re already fit. Then move onto the second circuit.

Tabata Circuit Workout 2

This workout trumps that of an hour’s steady run.

Exercises: Leg Raises & Squats

Again, do 20 seconds of one exercise, rest for 10 seconds, before starting the other exercise. Continuously alternate until you reach 4-minutes.

See the leg raises below:

Courtesy of LiveStrong

#3 Core Workout

The core is appropriately named as it’s literally at the core of all our movements.

If you are looking to tone up your mid-section, improve explosive strength or improve your overall strength then you will need to work on your core.

Spend ten minutes every other day. You can do this from home. Use a Swiss Ball and a mat, you won’t need to drag yourself out of your home.

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Setup a little section in your garage, living room or spare room.

Courtesy of Obi Vincent

It’s time to take action, enjoy these three workouts from home. We have plenty more coming, so you best get practicing. Comment below if you are going to give them a try! :)…


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