#004- Delicious Orie- Heavyweight Star signs for Great Britain

I managed to sit down with DJ (Delicious Orie) and speak about the recent good news he received. All his hard work has paid off, as he gets an offer to represent Great Britain. But his job is far from over, he talks visualisation, achieving goals and how he started out in boxing.

This is a great episode for those that like boxing and those that don’t, as it is about mindset and goal-setting too.

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Tale of the Tape

GB Boxer- Delicious Orie
  • Division: Heavyweight
  • Height: 6ft 6′
  • Club: Jewellery Quarter
  • Record: 28-2-0
  • Weight: 110 Kilograms
  • Titles: Elite National ABA Winner, Haringey BoxCup Gold Medal, 
  • East Midlands Gold Medal, England National Title Winner and more…
  • Recently invited to become part of the GB team
  • Aspirations of a major international tournament

About Delicious Orie

Delicious Orie & Coach Mick Maguire

Delicious walked into a boxing gym at the age of 18 and in this episode he explains how it was all or nothing for him. He had no intention about trying the sport ‘half-hearted’ but he wanted to put all of his efforts in. Despite this, he is still studying a degree in University at present whilst juggling this alongside his training.

He’s a well-spoken athlete that understands boxing and certainly seems destined for greatness, watch this space. Comment below if you enjoyed this one!

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Approximate time stamps and show notes.

0:00- 1.00 min- Delicious and his name, a star’s name..

1:10- 6:50- News of GB Signing, Congratulations, only taken 3 and a half years.. National titles and when he starts..

2:55- 3:30 – “If I do this I’ll do it properly”,  how he puts in the hard work and went all the way in, with boxing.

03:30- 4:45- Hopes of Basketball turned into Boxing- Studying, basketball and boxing.

5:00- 6:30 Getting into Boxing , Anthony Joshua, walking into the gym and his planning from the start (research)

06:35- 07:00- How he sets goals, funnily enough DJ coincidentally talks about a subject I touch on previously- Goal Setting Article.

07:10- 9:45 – How it felt walking in the gym first time, Did he have any nerves? First thoughts? Shadow boxing in the mirror for 3-months first..

10:00-16:44 – Sky Sports- Getting onto Sky Sports, the next AJ? Being Marketable. The Heavyweight Division at the moment.. Delicious talks about Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, Dillian Whyte & Andy Ruiz..

17:00 – 19:40- His Amateur Record-  Looking towards the future, turning pro and a long amateur career, time to learn.

20:40- 21:51- Do you get nervous for a fight? How he works through the nerves. Everybody gets nervous. Accept and roll.

22:00- 28:00- Academic aspirations- Studying at uni. Juggling training, work and uni. Everybody has time to train/exercise. What a normal week looks like for Delicious.

28:00- End- Strength & Conditioning, Routine & Vision- His strength and conditioning training, muscle groups to work on for power, his routine and advice. Also how he visualises his goals and days, to help him achieve his aims


What is Delicious Orie’s Real Name?

Delicious Orie is a Great Britain and England boxer – his real name is Delicious Orie. In the podcast episode, he explains how people close to him know him as DJ, the initials of his first and middle name.

What is Delicious Orie’s Height?

Delicious Orie is 6ft6 and is a superheavyweight amateur boxer. He is the same size as Anthony Joshua.

Who Are Delicious Orie’s Parents?

Delicious was born in Moscow, Russia. His Mum is Russian and his Dad is Nigerian, but Orie left his country to reside in England. He has lived in the Midlands since he was seven years old and began boxing in Birmingham at the Jewellery Quarter Boxing gym with Mick Maguire, Neil Perkins and Jamie Cahill.


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