UK’s Singing Prospect’s Career So Far – Jaydonclover- #008

Jaydonclover is an upcoming artist from Birmingham. She’s known for hits such as Two Years, London at Dawn and Redyellowgreen. Her latest release- Good Things is due to release the official video on September 30th.

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We discuss the following:

  • How her career began
  • Biggest influences & favourite artists
  • The recording and writing process
  • Life as a Birmingham artist
  • Social Media: the pros and cons for a singer
  • Future plans- breaking America

About Jaydonclover

Jaydon’s song- Two Years is available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music etc..

Jaydon is a talented singer that’s had her songs played on BBC 1xtra. She’s also performed for SBTV and has some huge plans on the pipeline. Her music is part of a new wave genre, described as “RnB/trap soul/neo soul”…

Episode Links

  • Jaydon’s Insta
  • Jaydon’s Twitter
  • Jaydon’s Music– Search ‘Jaydon Clover’ on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud & YouTube.
  • Jaydon performs at The Vault, Birmingham on October 27th.
  • Support Jaydon by following her social media, liking, sharing and streaming her music.
  • Get notified about the Goodthing on YouTube

Approximate Time Stamps/Show Notes

0:00- 0:40 min- Intro, Introduction to Jaydon..

0:45- 5:00- Latest Song & Past Influences– Goodthing is now out.. We talk favourite artists and influences, what genre is Jaydon’s music?

5:00- 7:00 – What paved the way?- Started performing, found music, chasing dreams.. Other artists, meeting deadlines..

9:00- 14:30- Social Media/Internet in the music industry- Contrast between the present and media in Aaliyah’s time

14:30- 20:00- Performing Live-  Nerves? First performance… A day in the life of a singer

20:30- 22:30- Writing Music- The inspiration, the feeling, where ideas start? Writing process as a whole.

25:00- 29:00- Tight Circle-  People Jaydon’s surrounded by, support, producers…

23:00- 31:00- Backlash & Criticisms– Putting yourself out there. Any backlash?

31:00-onwards- Breaking America, Future Plans-  The prospect reveals her plans for the future, what she’s working on and how you can support her. We talk mindset and more..


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