#006- Ste Foster- Cancer Saved My Life

I was completely unaware of Ste’s story and the things he had been through, this was the first time I got chance to really speak to him about it.

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We discuss the following:

  • Health & Fitness for the Average Person
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Becoming a Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Fighting Cancer
  • Fighting Depression
  • State of Mind

About Ste Foster

Ste Foster competing in the Super Human Games.

Steve is a Strength & Conditioning Coach/Online Fitness Trainer that followed his passion after realising that what he was doing, was no longer fulfilling to him. A battle with cancer shifted his perspective on life and after initially struggling with depression he decided to take his life into his own hands.

As well as improving other peoples’ health, he also competes in CrossFit, he used to play high-level basketball and still enjoys pushing his limits to this day.

Episode Links

Approximate Time Stamps

0:00- 2:00 min- Intro, Quick summary and news on what Treasure Talks has coming up

3:00- 6:00- Competitiveness– Competition in CrossFit, being a former basketball player, changing physique

6:00- 15:00 – General Health & Fitness- Foundations of health, overlooked strength & conditioning in sports..

22:00- 26:30- Becoming a Teacher- how Ste started as a teacher, life as a teacher, the stress it brought…

28:30- 37:30 Being diagnosed with testicular cancer, Being told he had cancer, life changed in the span of weeks

38:30- 40:00- Driving to a job you hate, stressing and hating work. A perspective change..

40:00- 46:00- Getting Help for Depression, the stigma, suffering, ‘putting on a brave face ‘..

48:00- 50:00- Making Better Choices, changing job, eliminating stress, getting outdoors..

50:00-51:00- Good taste in music, J Dilla, Donald Byrd,

51:00-till end- Being Inspired, vital info on checking for testicular cancer, inspiring, being inspired, surrounding with the right people


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