200 Miles Across the Namibian Desert

Ant Rogan ran and cycled almost 200-miles in a challenge for charity. He completed what he set out to do over five-days of running consecutive marathons and half-marathons whilst also cycling for miles on end.

He was the first to finish Race to Wreck and we re-lived his mesmerising experience in this podcast.

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Ant was the first to finish the Race to Wreck Challenge

We discuss the following:

  • The challenge itself- 197 miles/318km- Race to Wreck
  • Namibia and the wildlife
  • What wildlife he saw
  • Mental battles
  • How he ate and the calories he burned
  • More on the five consecutive days
  • Why he does it and if he enjoys it
  • How he went from being told he will be paralysed and from prison to this

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A picture of Ant cycling across the Namibian landscape

5 Day Challenge- Approx Distances

  • Day 1 – Cycling- 90km
  • Day 2- Cycling- 125km
  • Day 3- On Foot- 40km
  • Day 4- On Foot- 43km- with 9,000ft ascent
  • Day 5- On Foot- 20km

Approximate Time Stamps

0:00- 1:00 min- Intro- The distance? It was extended from 303km to 318km- that’s 197 miles

2:00- 4:00- The Kit List– How hard was the challenge? What’s a kit list? Where is Namibia?

5:00- 9:00 – The Event- What’s needed? Who joins these types of challenges?

9:00- 14:30- Was Ant nervous?- How he’s developed his mindset. Was he nervous and how did he prepare?

25- 30:30- How many miles per day and where did he finish?

30:30- 38:00- Cycling & Talking through the Days– People falling off the bikes, injuries, sores and struggles. Lack of sleep (sleeping around 2 hours a night)… Biggest challenge was on the second day.

38:00- 39:00- Who Finished the event- A small percentage managed to finish the event. Ant was one of 13.

39:10-43:00- Lessons Learned-  “It changes you as a person”… Doing it alone, past experiences such as ultra marathon he also did last year.

43:00- 45:00- Other Marathons & Levels-Trails where you have to take your own food and why they do it….

46:00- 57:00- Embracing the Pain- Making sure you don’t stop, one foot in front of the other.

58:00- 60:00- Having an ego check- Knowing your abilities and using your competitive edge isn’t as easy as you may think…


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